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Richard A. Bevan Memorial Award Fund

IPAM is honoured to announce, in coordination with The Winnipeg Foundation we have developed a memorial fund in memory of Richard Bevan.

Richard was very passionate about safety and he always jumped into things with both feet. Richard’s career in safety stemmed from an opportunity when he became part of his companies’ safety team and his safety career was consolidated by working with multiple companies for many years.

Fueled by his passion for safety, Richard devoted himself to attain the highest safety related level of education, and finally achieved a degree in  safety.  Safety was Richard’s focus for everything he did. He knew all the  answers to safety questions and everything past and present, about the incident Prevention Association of Manitoba (IPAM). Richard provided support and guidance and was a compendium of knowledge in safety for life in general.

Richard devoted all his energy to ensuring a safe work environment not only for himself, but for all workers in general, wherever his career led him.  His commitment to safety made a difference.

A $500 award is available to a full time, mature student (Manitoba resident over the age of 25) going through a career change by attending the Occupational Health & Safety & Safety Program at Red River  College.

To donate to the Richard A Bevan Memorial Award fund:

Click here for the brochure, more information and the donation form.

Or, you can donate online here.

Thank you for honouring Richard with your donation to the fund.  

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