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Wendy Hofford
President, WH Strategic Drive Inc,

Wendy is the President of WH Strategic Drive Inc. a facilitation, training, and consulting firm specializing in Human Behaviours in the Workplace, Leadership development, Human Resources, and CliftonStrengths for Organizational Culture Transformation.

Wendy draws her experience from years in various industries as a director of operations, senior human resource executive, designated safety officer and business advisor where she has been instrumental in transforming organizations from struggling to thriving. She has proven that effective coaching and training at all levels from the front line to senior leadership works to transform workplace cultures into productive, engaged and positive environments.

About the Session

Manage anger and frustration at work! Learn what do to when situations get heated!

Anger and frustration are completely normal and part of being human. However, when these emotions get out of control and become destructive everyone involved is at the mercy of its powerful unpredictable force. When it comes to safety, studies show that when there is increased anger, there is an increased risk of injury. The workplace is an environment that is more likely to provoke feelings of anger and frustration for many people and it is important to learn how take an out-of-control emotion and bring it under control.

Are you someone who is easily triggered and challenged to control your emotions, or do you work with those who fly off the handle easily and find it difficult to stay calm? If the answer is yes, then this session will be for you.

In this workshop you will learn:

• The common triggers that lead to anger and frustration
• How anger and frustration is detrimental to the workplace
• How to assess the source of anger and avoid the pitfalls
• Key strategic tactics to resolving workplace anger


August 2022

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