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Risk Assessments for Situations Requiring Emergency Services

Jay Shaw
Assistant Chief of Emergency Management and Public Information
City of Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services

Jay Shaw is the Assistant Chief of Emergency Management and Public Information with the City of Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service.  For over two years, Jay has worked with a great team responding and leading the City of Winnipeg’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jay has more than 24 years’ experience in emergency services and health care, serving as an operational firefighter and paramedic for the Department of National Defense, and since 2002, the City of Winnipeg as a firefighter paramedic. He has had a wide array of emergency response and health care experiences, working in hospital emergency rooms and rural Emergency Medical Services. Jay holds an MA in Disaster and Emergency Management studies, and has numerous diplomas and certificates related to healthcare, emergency services, and disaster management. Jay graduated from Harvard University’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative in 2020, studying Crisis Leadership, and has been recently been selected into the International Association of Fire Chief’s Executive Development Institute. Current projects include a global view of new hazards such air quality, tornadic frequency, and building high performance teams through crisis leadership processes.

About the Session

The session with focus on high risk versus low volume and high risk-high volume.


Considerations for Workers at Greater Risk of Injury

Cassandra Porpiglia
Prevention Consultant, Safe Work Manitoba

Cassandra Porpiglia is a Prevention Consultant with SAFE Work Manitoba in the Infrastructure Portfolio. She facilitates the SAFE Committee Basics and Safety Culture at your Workplace workshops at SAFE Work Manitoba, as well as works with workplaces to answer safety and health questions and delivers consulting services.

About the Session

Special considerations should be given to workers who may be at greater risk of injury or those who have greater exposure to unsafe or hazardous conditions. It is important for workplaces to develop strategies to ensure worker vulnerability is recognized and addressed in policies, training, signage, etc. in an attempt to prevent workplace injury and illness for all workers.

Responding to Distress – Supporting Mental Health
Concerns at Work

Jordan Friesen, O.T. Reg.(MB)
President, Mindset Mental Health Strategy Inc.

Jordan is a mental health expert with experience leading national programs and initiatives focused on workplace mental health. As a consultant, he uses is knowledge of best practices to assist organizations who want to take progressive action to support the mental health of their employees as an imperative for the future of work. A skilled educator, Jordan can distill complex ideas into actionable insights for a wide range of audiences, from executives to students. Grounded in his own lived experience of illness and recovery, he takes a person-centred approach to making workplaces healthier and, ultimately, more human again. Read More...

About the Session

Mental health issues are common in every workplace, now more than ever. Current Canada-wide data indicates that 1/3 of our adult population is at high risk for a mental health concern. Health and safety professionals can play an important role in identifying and responding when employees demonstrate signs of poor mental health at work. And this early intervention can lead to positive outcomes for the employee and employer.

In this session, participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize a mental health concern in the workplace
  • Have a conversation with someone who is in distress
  • Conduct a trauma-informed debrief with a worker or team
  • Care for their own mental health during times of high stress

Manage anger and frustration at work! Learn what do to when situations get heated!

Wendy Hofford
President, WH Strategic Drive Inc,

Wendy is the President of WH Strategic Drive Inc. a facilitation, training, and consulting firm specializing in Human Behaviours in the Workplace, Leadership development, Human Resources, and CliftonStrengths for Organizational Culture Transformation.

Wendy draws her experience from years in various industries as a director of operations, senior human resource executive, designated safety officer and business advisor where she has been instrumental in transforming organizations from struggling to thriving. She has proven that effective coaching and training at all levels from the front line to senior leadership works to transform workplace cultures into productive, engaged and positive environments.

About the Session

Anger and frustration are completely normal and part of being human. However, when these emotions get out of control and become destructive everyone involved is at the mercy of its powerful unpredictable force. When it comes to safety, studies show that when there is increased anger, there is an increased risk of injury. The workplace is an environment that is more likely to provoke feelings of anger and frustration for many people and it is important to learn how take an out-of-control emotion and bring it under control.

Are you someone who is easily triggered and challenged to control your emotions, or do you work with those who fly off the handle easily and find it difficult to stay calm? If the answer is yes, then this session will be for you.

In this workshop you will learn:

• The common triggers that lead to anger and frustration
• How anger and frustration is detrimental to the workplace
• How to assess the source of anger and avoid the pitfalls
• Key strategic tactics to resolving workplace anger



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